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Brewers of Pennsylvania Launch Brewer for the Day Program To Host State Legislators

Senator John Rafferty, District 44, Visits Victory Brewing Company

HARRISBURG, PA (8.16.16) – The Brewers of Pennsylvania (BOP), the state’s official beer guild, has launched the Brewer for the Day program, an initiative designed to give state legislators a hands-on insider’s perspective on the brewing process, as well as further educate Pennsylvania Senators and Representatives on the direct economic impact craft brewers have on communities throughout the state.

John Rafferty – Brewer for a Day 2016 (01)

Senator John Rafferty, Pa. District 44, was the first legislator to take part in this fun and informative program. Senator Rafferty visited Victory Brewing Company in Downingtown on Monday, August 15 for an up-close brewing experience where he weighed hops, analyzed malts, learned about the fermentation process, and engaged with the state-of-the-art automation that helps Victory brewers produce some of Pennsylvania’s finest craft beers.

“For years, Senator Rafferty has been actively engaged in the industries and activities that keep Pennsylvania productive for the benefit of all citizens,” said Bill Covaleski, BOP President and President of Victory Brewing Company. “As the first Brewer for the Day, he proved that by rolling up his sleeves and helping to make one of many Pennsylvanians’ favorite products, HopDevil Ale. His insightful questions about the craft brewing industry underscored his keen interest in solutions that lead to beneficial outcomes.”

Senator Rafferty represents Berks, Chester, and Montgomery counties.

“Victory Brewing is one of many breweries across our state that provides good jobs, and helps to contribute to our state’s economy,” said Senator Rafferty. “I’m pleased to support this industry, which provides excellent craft beers, contributes to our tourism industry and helps to showcase one of Pennsylvania’s many fine products.”

Throughout the remainder of 2016 and into 2017, the BOP plans to invite state legislators from throughout the Commonwealth to visit BOP-member breweries to participate in the Brewer for the Day program.

In July, 2016, Pennsylvania Governor, Tom Wolf, signed a $1.3 billion revenue package. Part of that package included a Malt Beverage Tax Credit not to exceed $5 million annually. The tax credit, matching equipment and facilities investments made by applicant breweries, has been one of the BOP’s top legislative goals since 2013. The BOP fully supports this tax credit measure, and considers it a major victory for all craft breweries in the Commonwealth, particularly smaller breweries as the benefits of the measure is capped at $200,000 per year, per brewery.