Brewers of Pennsylvania

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About the Brewers of PA

About the Brewers of PA


Comprised of ambitious entrepreneurs and legacy manufacturers, our seemingly disparate group was galvanized by ill-conceived legislation in 2010 that would have undermined our access to market and, therefore, threatened our very existence.

A Senate Law & Justice Committee hearing regarding the proposed legislation on January 26, 2010 found Yuengling and The Lion Brewery, the remaining members of the Pennsylvania Brewers Association, coordinated with Appalachian, Troegs and Victory, all members of the PA Brewer’s Guild formed in 1996, in providing insight and testimony to the Senators.

December 2010 found just over a dozen Pennsylvania breweries convening at Victory Brewing Company for meetings that would mark the foundation of Brewers Of Pennsylvania.

In the service of Pennsylvania consumers and the brewing industry, Brewers Of Pennsylvania members have provided testimony for two PA House Liquor Control Committee hearings as well as the Senate Law & Justice Committee hearing previously mentioned, in the organization’s short existence.

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