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Craft Beer and Food Pairings: How Recipe Development Helps to Build Your Brand

Building your craft beer brand is a continuous job, and there are countless tools to strengthen your message about your company. Maintaining a strong website, blog and social media presence will go a long way in building a brand, especially when the content is focused on your beer, company culture and food. By being in touch with your region’s cuisine […]

TTB Guidelines for Advertising Alcoholic Beverages on Social Media

Social media has become one of the most powerful marketing tools for businesses, including alcoholic beverage industry members (e.g., brewers, distillers, wholesalers).  In light of the prominence of social media advertising, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) has expanded the scope of its advertising reviews to ensure that the use of social […]

Production of Cider and Malt Beverage Compliance Updates

During the last BOP legal call and follow up questions, BOP General Counsel Ted Zeller received from multiple members, questions were raised regarding whether a brewery is permitted, under the Liquor Code and TTB regulations, to produce alcoholic cider, whether a COLA is required, and whether it must be registered with the Pa.L.C.B. After some […]

Picking Up Wine or Spirits in Company Vehicle

During the last BOP legal call with General Counsel Ted Zeller, a question was raised regarding whether a brewery is permitted, under the Liquor Code, to transport wine and spirits it has purchased for resale in its brewpub or taproom from the respective winery or distillery back to its brewery premises. Initially, in Pennsylvania, some […]

Beyond Images: 4 Reasons Video Is Good for Your Brewery

Have you read our 6 Social Media Tips for Craft Brewers? In addition to maintaining a consistent presence on social media with high-quality images, creating movement and video can drastically increase engagement with consumers. People love to see the personalities and processes behind the products, and creating short videos is a great way to do that. […]

The Benefits of Blogging About Your Craft Beer

Did you check out the Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Brewery’s Website? A key way is maintaining a blog with fresh content to encourage customer connection. As an extension of your business, a blog should inform readers about happenings around the brewery and what makes your product unique. Use it to show off brewers […]

Summer 2017 Beer Suggestions

With summer 2017 here, the Brewers of Pennsylvania (BOP), the state’s official brewers guild, has released its list of Summer Beer Suggestions. The beers come from BOP members located throughout the state, and offer consumers an opportunity to kick back, and cool off as temperatures rise. “There’s nothing better than relaxing on a hot summer […]

6 Social Media Tips for Craft Brewers

Standing out from the clutter on the craft beer digital social sphere can be difficult, with the immense amount of competing brands and businesses clamoring for your customers’ attention. By remaining authentic to your brand and business plan, using the wide array of social media tools available and having fun, you can achieve great (and […]

Brewery Storage Fermentation Rules

In a recent legal advisory opinion, the Pa.L.C.B. further clarified what a brewery can and cannot do at its storage locations.  Previously, in another blog post, we detailed the ability of a brewery to sell its products for on and off-premises consumption, as well as other products such as PA produced beer, cider, wine, and […]

Mark Thomas on Expansion and Constant Improvement at Vault Brewing Company

Vault Brewing Company is housed in a sleek space in the small town of Yardley. Its modest space is home to carefully crafted beverages—from a New Zealand IPA to coffee stouts and even cold brew coffee—plus an offbeat menu of specialty pizzas and sandwiches, such as brown sugar buffalo pizza and waffle grilled cheese. Nearby, Vault is increasing its keg […]

Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Brewery’s Website

A website is a powerful digital tool and should be the go-to source for your guests to learn more about your business’s products and upcoming events. What you choose to share and how you choose to share it will shape the public’s ideas about your brewery, your beer, your food program and more—it will shape their image […]

Rep. Carroll, Sen. Yudichak, and Rep. Kaufer Become Brewers For A Day

Luzerne County (Pa.) Delegation Visits Susquehanna Brewing Company HARRISBURG, PA (May 2, 2017) – The Brewers of Pennsylvania (BOP), the state’s official beer guild, was pleased and honored to host Sen. John Yudichak, Rep. Mike Carroll, and Rep. Aaron Kaufer at the latest Brewer For A Day event held at Susquehanna Brewing Company (SBC) in […]

7 Warm Weather Beer Styles You Need to Drink

Warm weather calls for a beer with impactful flavor and a light, refreshing finish. While there’s a plethora of brew styles out there, some are a little more enjoyable when the sun is beating down relentlessly. Most of these styles originated in Europe, with their drinkers having the foresight to brew a beverage to enjoy […]

Brewers of Pennsylvania Announce Inaugural Legislative Awards

HARRISBURG, PA (3.22.17) – The Brewers of Pennsylvania (BOP), the state’s official brewers guild, has announced the recipients of the inaugural Legislative Awards, an honor that recognizes a person or organization the BOP considers a partner in the industry, one who continually strives to promote and protect Pennsylvania’s craft beer industry. The three Pennsylvania legislators […]

Dick Yuengling, Jim Koch, Eric Wallace, David Walker Headline Meeting of the Malts VI

HARRISBURG, PA (3.13.17) – The Brewers of Pennsylvania (BOP), the state’s official brewers guild, is hosting MEETING OF THE MALTS VI, the association’s popular annual event that gathers the most acclaimed breweries to discuss the state of the craft beer industry. Meeting of the Malts VI, presented by Micro Matic USA, will take place Thursday, […]

7 Pennsylvania Breweries Brewing for a Cause

Successful breweries often take root with strong ties to their local neighborhoods. Naturally, these companies look back to the community to share their triumphs and, when a charitable opportunity knocks, to lend a helping hand. It takes many people to run a successful brewery, from brewers to packaging and distributing professionals, so there’s no shortage […]

Brewers of Pennsylvania Names New President & VP

HARRISBURG, PA (2.23.17) – The Brewers of Pennsylvania (BOP), the state’s official beer guild, has named Chris Lampe as the association’s new President and Artie Tafoya as the new Vice President. Both respected industry professionals began serving their two-year Board terms in January, 2017. Co-Owner and Production Manager at Weyerbacher Brewing Company, Lampe was elected […]

Sam Masotto of Bonn Place Brewing Co. on Creating a Warm & Welcoming Space

Bonn Place Brewing Company is a tiny brewery in the South Side of Bethlehem run by two cheerful bartending veterans and actors, Sam and Gina Masotto. Their love for beer and tending bar shines through in their quality product and candid manner. They share a goal of creating a comforting vibe for their guests, but what is […]

Pennsylvania Brewery Tour List for 2017

A new brewery seems to be opening in Pennsylvania every week, and as such, there is no shortage of memorable, if not amazing, craft beer being brewed in the Keystone State. The breweries do a great job at distinguishing themselves, and many open their doors to guests to show the process and introduce their wares. This is our list […]

Ryan Richards of Roy-Pitz Brewing Company on Self-Discovery Through Liquid Art

Beer and brewing mean a lot of different things to people. Some consider beer a light beverage simply meant to intoxicate, while others see it as an experience meant to be cherished. To the owners and brewers at Roy-Pitz Brewing Company, beer is liquid art. We spoke with Ryan Richards (“Roy”), co-founder and brewmaster of Roy-Pitz, about its […]

Pennsylvania Tap Marker Requirements Pulled Under Act 166

Pennsylvania’s onerous liquor laws continue to modernize under new enactments. Previously, each brand of beer on tap had to have its own branded tap marker as a part of its draught system. Many breweries and restaurants had tap boxes that appeared cluttered against new, industrial layouts and design. Now, under Act 166 of 2016, licensees […]

Brewers of Pennsylvania: Winter Beer Suggestions

HARRISBURG, PA (12.8.16) – With cold temperatures here, the Brewers of Pennsylvania (BOP), the state’s official brewers guild, has released its list of Winter Beer Suggestions. The beers come from brewers located in all parts of the state, and offer consumers a wide variety sure to excite the taste buds as artic blasts descend. “Throughout […]

Great Beer Deserves the Right Glassware: Find Out Why!

Brewers take great pride in cleaning their equipment, preparing their brews and packaging them for consumption. Some of their most complex brews contain wild yeasts and fruits, or large amounts of barley or hops, which produce great beers with an abundance of aroma and flavor. Just as a brewer utilizes proper equipment to produce those […]

Matt Gouwens of Hop Farm Brewing Company on Sourcing Local in Pittsburgh

Sourcing ingredients locally helps brewers create a unique product while strengthening their local community and economy. With growing opportunities for production in the United States, more brewers are able to create unique products by embracing their community’s existing offerings. One great example of a brewery that sources locally is Hop Farm Brewing Company. Its beer menu […]

Has Pennsylvania’s New Liquor Legislation Made Brew Pub Licenses Obsolete?

From the desk of BOP General Counsel: Theodore J. Zeller III, Esq. of Norris McLaughlin Marcus. Until recently, Pennsylvania breweries have been able to open up a world of possibilities by obtaining a GP-license to operate a brew pub at their brewery premises. The new legislation, however, has changed the situation. This raises the question, has […]

Tim Patton of Saint Benjamin Brewing Company on History, Philly’s Water and Growth

A growing number of breweries are planting roots in Philadelphia, and each has a distinct personality in terms of aesthetic and offerings. Those traits can be based on location, trends or the crew’s preference, and it is interesting to see how all of those factors mesh into a cohesive brand identity. Perhaps most interesting is […]

Brewers of Pennsylvania Launch Fourth Successful Brewer For A Day Event

Representative Harry Lewis Jr., District 74, Visits Victory Brewing Company HARRISBURG, PA (10.19.16) – The Brewers of Pennsylvania (BOP), the state’s official beer guild, has launched its fourth Brewer For A Day program, an initiative designed to give state legislators a hands-on insider’s perspective on the brewing process, as well as further educate Pennsylvania Senators […]

Fund Us! Great Ideas from the Pennsylvania Beer Community

It is no secret that Pennsylvania is flooded with creative start-up breweries. Statewide, lovers of brewing are planning to turn their passion into their work, and often look to the community for support. There are a number of ways to fund a startup, from bank loans to angel investors, but perhaps none is more indicative […]