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Reclamation Brewing Company

Butler, PA   ~   EST. Join BOP 2016


221 S Main Street
Butler, PA 16001




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About Us

Too frequently, the beer culture gets a bum rap. Although we’ve made some progress, we haven't yet fully recovered from the negative light that was cast upon us during the era of Prohibition. We’re striving to educate people about beer and its history. We want to help elevate the beer culture above the idea that beer drinking is only at home in some seedy subculture and continue to move it where it belongs - as part of the normal course of life. Along with other craft brewers, we are seeking to reclaim beer drinking from the idea that it has to be a bland, boring, tasteless experience. We’re committed to the idea that beer should be good and a pleasure to drink.

We strive to see people informed about the delight and deliciousness of carefully crafted beers. We want to expose their palates to a more tasteful beer experience.

We're all about community. The pub has always been and always will be a place for the community to gather, make connections, share ideas and perspectives, discuss the world, and have a great time together.

We’re committed to using the finest, local, quality ingredients and the most meticulous processes to produce the tastiest and finest quality beers on the market.

We strive to be innovators of new styles as well as new twists on old ones which challenge the way people think about and enjoy good beer.

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