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Ship Bottom Brewery

Wallingford, PA   ~   EST. 2011


209 Glendale Road
Wallingford, PA 19086


About Us

Our humble beginnings started in the Summer of 1995 in Ship Bottom, NJ. Back then we made our first batch of beer using a home brew kit that consisted of a plastic bucket, large spoon, bottling bucket and some bottle caps. We hardly knew what what would be ahead of us 16 years later! We learned a lot over the last 16 years and feel that we really refined our craft. We are a small (Nano) brewery, and fly under the radar of the major breweries. I am sure they don't even know that we have a brewery. We don't have the marketing budgets of the Major Breweries and will never be able to market as well as these giants! We handcraft every batch of beer that we make and pride ourselves in doing so. We only use the freshest ingredients that are hand selected by our head brewer. Our handcrafted ale and lager recipes were created to maximize the complex flavors of malts and whole flower hops. We have been encouraged to start a brewery over the last few years by family and friends that love our handcrafted ales and lagers and finally decided to make our dream become a reality! We hope that you will enjoy our passion for handcrafted beer as much as we do!

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