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St. Boniface Craft Brewing Co.

Ephrata, PA   ~   EST. 2010


1701 West Main Street
Ephrata, PA 17522



About Us

Saint Boniface Craft Brewing Co is a nano-brewery located in Ephrata, Pa. After years of brewing and competing with each other for kudos in their local community, Mike Price and Jon Northup decided to join forces and produce the best beer that we—using our combined brewing experience—could produce.

Saint Boniface is the name of the patron saint of brewers, the saint also associated with converting Germany to Christianity. St. Boniface saw the unconverted Saxons worshiping Thor and knew something must be done. The humble saint took an axe to the massive Thor Oak, which was sacred to the Saxons, in order to show them that his God was mightier than theirs. With fierce and repeated blows he leveled the massive tree; those around him feared God and were converted to Christianity.

The deed of Boniface provides an elegant analogy for our own mission at Saint Boniface Craft Brewing Co. Mike and Jon have witnessed many beer “pagans” worshiping the false gods of the big beer industry and see that it is time to take a Boniface-like swing at converting some of those people to a better way of life, one full of rich, tasty, more satisfying brews.

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