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North Country Brewing Co.

Slippery Rock, PA   ~   EST. 2005


141 South Main Street
Slippery Rock, PA 16057


About Us

Our Brewery is carved right from the heart of downtown Slippery Rock, occupying one of the earliest structures still in existence on Main Street. Peter Uber, one of the first settlers in the area, constructed the house and barn in 1805. By the time of the 1835 census, the buildings served as a publick tavern and inn. Peter’s son, William Uber, served as the barkeep while Peter headed west in search of gold. In 1850 Peter returned, and with his son William and a carpenter tenant named Roy, they added the existing storefront to the front of the original barn. They became furniture and cabinetmakers, which soon led to coffin making and undertaking, doing business as Uber and Sons Undertakers and Furniture Dealers. After the property was purchased in 1998, the structure was patiently rebuilt from the foundation through the roof and returned to its original publick house status, with a twist of cabinetmaking along the way. Gathered local hardwoods and recycled on-site building materials display the green sense of re-use. One can sit down at a booth handcrafted with black walnut and curly maple left from the Uber’s furniture store, slip a penny in the crack of an original 1805 beam, or rest a beer out back on the slate bar top which was once used as a walkway to the funeral home. Tradition and quality are the trademarks of our full menu restaurant & whole grain brewery. Today our craft beer is conditioned in the cellar which once served as the local morgue. We use traditional brewing methods and the finest ingredients to produce superb, unique brews, free of preservatives, additives or sugars. The spent brewers grains go to our farm for additional feed for our grass raised Scottish Highland and Angus cattle. We then deliver the freshest ingredients from our farm and our neighbors’ farms, living and practicing farm-to-your-fork. Whether you are a settler or someone fresh out of the frontier, you have found the tavern to savor the ales from the Old Island, without the swim.

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