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Erie Brewing Company

Erie, PA   ~   EST. BOP Membership Jan 2017


1213 Veshecco Drive
Erie, PA 16501




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About Us

Erie Brewing Company offers a variety of beer styles which include two award-winning brews and several seasonal offerings. #DrinkErieBrews

• Railbender Ale:
- Alcohol by Volume: 6.8%
- Degrees Plato: 16.5
- Hop Bitterness IBUs: 26
- GABF Bronze Award-winning beer 2008
- GABF Gold Award-winning beer 2009
Scottish Style Ale: Erie Brewing Company’s flagship beer features a deep malt flavor, caramel sweetness lingering in a soft hop flavor. Dark Amber in coloring.

• Derailed Black Cherry Ale:
- Alcohol by Volume: 5.0%
- Degrees Plato:12.5
- Hop Bitterness IBUs: 17
- GABF Bronze Award-winning beer 2011
Cherry Inspired Cream Ale: Sweet, tart cherry essence with a creamy smooth finish. Cherry Blush in coloring.

• Mad Anthony's APA:
- Alcohol by Volume -5.5%
- Degrees Plato -12.8
- Hop Bitterness IBUs -40
American Pale Ale: Balanced malt and hop flavor, a great showcase of American Hops. Pale Amber in coloring.

• Misery Bay IPA:
- Alcohol by Volume: 6.5%
- Degrees Plato:15.7
- Hop Bitterness IBUs: 75
India Pale Ale: Light to medium maltiness with an explosive blast of hop flavor. Light Amber in coloring.

• Bayfront Blonde:
- Alcohol by Volume: 4.2%
- Degrees Plato:11
- Hop Bitterness IBUs: 17
Bright citrus flavors give way to a pleasant, honey sweet finish. Gold in coloring.

• Soleil Shandy:
- Alcohol by Volume: 3.5%
- Degrees Plato:10.5
- Hop Bitterness IBUs:15
Refreshing and flavorful, possessing raspberry tartness with a mild lemon, malty aroma. Light-bodied.
- Seasonal: Spring/Summer

• Johnny Rails Pumpkin Ale
- Alcohol by Volume: 6.5%
- Degrees Plato:15.8
- Hop Bitterness IBUs:12
Blonde Based Ale: Fruit flavor with delicious flavor, a great nose, and the perfect poise of pumpkin and spice.
- Seasonal: Late Summer/Fall

• Erie Oktoberfest
- Alcohol by Volume: 7.8%
- Degrees Plato:15
- Hop Bitterness IBUs:16
A lager beer containing a roasted chocolate mart flavor and color with a smooth, clean, crisp finish.
- Seasonal: Late Summer/Fall

• Ol' Red Cease & Desist
- Alcohol by Volume: 10.1%
- Degrees Plato:19.9
- Hop Bitterness IBUs: 35
Wee Heavy Ale: Powerful caramel malt flavor, finishing climatically with a smooth warm sensation. Deep Red in coloring.
- Seasonal: Late Fall/Winter

• Skipper's Stout
- Alcohol by Volume: 7.2%
- Degrees Plato: 17
- Hop Bitterness IBUs: 14
Coffee Stout: A blend of coffee and crème brûlée. Coffee Brown in coloring.
- Seasonal: Late Fall/Winter

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