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Arundel Cellars & Brewing Co.

North East, PA   ~   EST. BOP Membership August 2017


11727 East Main Road
North East, PA 16428



About Us

We are comfortably nestled among the largest grape growing region East of the Rockies. Beautiful Lake Erie provides a much appreciated balance in climate, keeping us warm enough in the fall allowing our grapes the extra time they need to ripen. Our sandy soil plays an important role in the flavors of our wines as well as providing ideal drainage for the vines.

Just as our region has a rich history, so too does our winery even before its doors open to valued consumers.

Our Building

We are honored to have a part in restoring a beautiful late 19th century barn which for years had been used as a cider mill. In 1921 the barn and property which consists of apple orchards and vineyards was purchased by Frank Shultz who had recently returned from WWI in good health and a vivid memory of a beautiful castle he had seen along the rolling hills of England. The castle was called Arundel which he promptly had painted on the side of his newly acquired barn along with his business name, Shultz Farm. The cider mill operated for three generations and in 2012, the farm was purchased by us, the new 'Arundel Family'. Like Grandpa Shultz, we too were enamoured by the castle theme and since this once majestic barn and property represented our 'castle', we thought it appropriate to keep his memory alive by naming our new business Arundel Cellars and Brewing Co.

The restoration of the orchards and vineyards began in May 2012 and after reviewing many plans and dealing with a few obstacles, the restoration of our barn began in December 2012.

Our people

Arundel Cellars and Brewing Co is made up of our large family consisting of four family units who have a rich history in both the wine industry and in the world of viticulture. With over 100 combined years of experience, we feel very fortunate to have such a dream team come together for this exciting adventure.

Through each stage of our planning we have maintained the common goal of creating a quality product, a warm, inviting atmosphere and genuinely friendly staff who will make each visitor feel welcome.

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