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ShawneeCraft Brewing

Shawnee on Delaware, PA   ~   EST.


100 Shawnee Inn Drive
Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort
Shawnee on Delaware, PA 18356




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About Us

We’re true to nature because environmental impact is a consideration in every decision we make. We honor the nature of materials that we work with. No shortcuts, no artifice. We’re true to the craft because we honor traditions of workmanship perfected by centuries of well-trained hands.

The Fidelis Philosophy took root in the fertile soil of Shawnee-On-Delaware, Pennsylvania. Our village, bounded by wooded hills on one side and the Delaware River on the other, enjoys a mild and varied climate, plenty of water and sun, abundant plants and wildlife and friendly, talented people. We are captivated by this nature and its possibilities. And our location- less than 100 miles from both New York City and Philadelphia- makes it only natural for us to broadly share the Fidelis Philosophy.

In a world of mass-production, our products are handmade. In a world of homogeneity, our products represent a defiant individuality. In a world without roots, our products embody a tangible sense of place. We aspire to eat what we grow, to drink what we brew, and to build what we use. And we’d like you to experience a taste of this lifestyle yourself- in the form of ShawneeCraft beer.

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