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Lost Tavern Brewing

Hellertown, PA   ~   EST. BOP Membership Feb 2016


782 Main Street
Hellertown, PA 18055



About Us

In the rich history and heritage of our hometown of Hellertown, Pennsylvania, a tavern was lost to the ticking hands of time. Folklore states, in the 1740’s when early dutch settlers arrived and established a community, one of the first buildings commissioned was a tavern, where they undoubtedly brewed beer. This was quite common in the colonial era, as taverns were very important centers to these small rural villages. It was in the tavern where the most urgent and pressing issues of the day were discussed over a pint of locally brewed beer. Hellertown's first tavern was certainly no different. However, this tavern’s location has become unclear. No one knows exactly where it was. We named our brewery to honor the legend of the Lost Tavern of Hellertown, it's more than 270 years of history, and the forgotten importance of sharing a local beer with a neighbor.

Our team is comprised of experienced professional and home brewers, and together we produce a variety of delicious beers to please most any palate. We strive to deliver a consistently great product that you can count on every time.

Our tap room provides a unique and locally inspired pub atmosphere with a distinctive and comfortable feel, where great beer, personal interaction, and a memorable experience are the attraction.

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