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Cave Brewing Company

Bethlehem, PA   ~   EST.


1407 Seidersville Rd
Bethlehem, PA 18015




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About Us

The Cave Brewing Company is a small craft “nano” brewery founded by long time home brewer Jeff Bonner and his wife, Alison. The brewery is located near Bethlehem, PA .

Our vision has always been to support the locals and success for us is defined  when the local community benefits from small businesses working together to support other small businesses to make great products. We purchase mostly U.S. grown barley, wheat, and hops. We know one can make great products using local and American made ingredients and we like to think we are proof of this.

We are living out our passion in our nano brewery (aka Cave). Our beers are brewed in a 726 square foot building using water from a 300 ft deep well that taps into an ancient spring. Most of the ingredients used to make our beers are either grown locally or within the United States. Many of our beers use hops grown on the 5 acre mini farm.

By keeping things local, it allows us to produce the freshest products, returns funds back to the local farms and apiarists while keeping our footprint small. In short, we unapologetically support the farm to mug concept!

All of Cave Brewing Company’s products are 100% non-filtered and non-pasteurized. Rediscover craft beer again by buying local or better yet, drop by our retailers and purchase pints, growlers, or kegs! We are currently working with various select retailers and restaurants to carry our products. Once we are licensed, we will add a new page that lists all the great locations that carry our products.

Stayed tuned for further updates!

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