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Levity Brewing Company

Indiana, PA   ~   EST. 2015


1380 Wayne Ave
Suite A
Indiana, PA 15701




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About Us

Serious Beer for the Light at Heart

Beer People:

Hoping to be open by fall of 2015, Levity Brewing Co. will be Indiana, PA's first operating brewery since the 1930's.

We are beer lovers. We love malt. We love hops. We love yeast. Most of all we love the community that craft beer culture helps to create.

We are absolutely and unashamedly geeky about our beer. Beer is a full-sensory experience. The clarity of a Pilsner, the haziness of a hefe, the tiny tan bubbles on the head of a stout, the citrus notes of an IPA, the funky spiciness of a saison; a beer is not meant to be thoughtlessly quaffed. We take our first sips with our eys, the second gulp with our nose. Beer should be a fullfilling experience before it even hits our lips. Once it does, the sights and smells seem but flirtations preceding the consummation of a true taste experience.

But the story isn't over. The slight din of conversations that slowly grows louder over an evening started with the pleasure of that first sip. This is the best part of our beer. The people it brings together.

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