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Speyside Cooperage Ky, Inc.

Shepherdsville, KY   ~   EST. BOP Membership July 2016


805 North Buckman Rd.
PO Box 550
Shepherdsville, KY 40165



About Us

Since 1947, Speyside Cooperage has produced the finest casks from the best American Oak. All our skill goes into making top quality barrels to meet the requirements and expectations of spirit-makers all over the world.

Our aim is to ensure that barrels become a modern spirit-making instrument by combining age-old craftsmanship and state of the art techniques developed by our Research and Development Department. This and our dedication to our services have gradually persuaded us to use a broader range of oak sourced from different areas and set up businesses closer to our suppliers and customers throughout the world. Our Kentucky office was started in November, 2010.

Today the cooperage continues to work and produce the age-old product, still using traditional methods and tools. Although shipped across the world, many of the casks remain in America, providing a vital ingredient in Kentucky’s bourbon-making process.

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