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Eugene, Oregon   ~   EST. BOP Membership June 2016


1680 Irving Rd.
Eugene, Oregon 97402




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About Us

PakTech's plastic handles offer all the characteristics that consumers demand: they are good-looking, eco-friendly, easy to carry, and easy to remove.

PakTech Can Carriers and other handle types. Our can carriers are available in QuadPak, 6Pak, 8 Pak and 12 Pak Styles, and are pretty awesome. They look good and create a new, unique look for cans. They are buff, and holding the can tops snuggly, they can easily stack on top of one another, eliminating the need for excess trays and wrap. All Can Carriers are made using 96% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) HDPE and they are 100% recyclable after use.

At PakTech you'll find in-house, rapid turnaround services that are rare in the packaging industry. The engineering department provides ingenious part designs which can be sent right to the tool room, where prototype molds for our plastic handles are built within days. This provides for an extremely quick turnaround on prints and parts for our customers, and also allows for flexibility with plastic handle designs, updates, and improvements.

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