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DrinkTanks Growlers

Bend, Oregon   ~   EST. BOP Membership November 2016


62910 Peerless Court
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About Us

The Story Behind Drinktanks

When Nicholas Hill began developing the DrinkTanks growler, he set out to change the way people drink beer. He noticed that, despite the burgeoning national craft beer scene, there wasn’t a container on the market that treated craft beer with the same care and respect that the brewers put into it. Despite incredible innovation occurring within the craft beer scene, the portable containers used to carry beer had stayed the same.
With the help of his father, Dr. Tim Hill, he began developing a design that would revolutionize personal beer containers. Dr. Hill passed away in 2011, but Nicholas continued to develop the idea. In 2013, Engineer John Herrick joined the team and helped finalize the initial design. Eschewing traditional fundraising methods, Nicholas launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring the DrinkTanks Growler to market. The campaign was a wild success, launching DrinkTanks into the spotlight of a worldwide audience of craft beer enthusiasts.
Rather than outsourcing the majority of the labor put into the product, Nicholas opted to move as much of it in-house as possible. He set up a manufacturing facility where all of the powder coating, custom engraving and assembly for every DrinkTanks product are currently done. By retaining the labor in-house, DrinkTanks is able to bring jobs to Nicholas’ hometown of Bend, Oregon, as well as ensure that the quality of the overall product is far superior to any other growler on the market.

The Technology in DrinkTanks Products

 Double-Wall Vacuum Insulation – Whether it’s a picnic on a hot summer day, or a day up at the slopes, keeping your beverage at the right temperature is essential. The DrinkTanks Growler insulation keeps cold beverages (like beer, cider, kombucha, water, iced tea…) cold for 24 hours, and hot beverages (like coffee, hot chocolate, hot toddies….) hot for 12 hours. All with no sweating or condensation!

Leakproof Design – We want to make sure the only place your beverage escapes to is in your mouth. Our DrinkTanks Growler dual-bail system ensures your liquids stay inside your growler whether it’s bouncing around the back of your pickup, or laying on its side in your fridge.

Carbonation-Friendly – In the past, getting a growler fill meant that you’d have to drink the whole thing in a day, or suffer through a flat beverage. Fortunately we’re not in the past anymore, DrinkTanks’ Growlers will treat your beer right. When filled, our growler will keep carbonated beverages fresh for a full week. Our patented Keg Cap system is designed to keep your beer fresh for a longer duration after the growler has been opened.

Superior Materials and Build Quality – We know how seriously you take your beverages, so we’ve put a lot of thought into the materials they’re made of, and how we put them together. Our growlers are comprised of high-grade 18/8 premium stainless steel, the same quality of steel that brewers use for their brewing tanks. Our system is designed so that your beverage only touches steel; so there’s no leaching of flavors.

Easy to Clean – We’ve made the DrinkTanks Growler dishwasher safe, to make it easy to clean, so your beverages taste exactly how they should. DrinkTanks offers one of the only dishwasher safe growlers with doublewall vacuum insulation.

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