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Deer Creek Malthouse

Glen Mills, Pennsylvania   ~   EST. BOP Member 01/2015


1646 E. Street Rd
Glen Mills, Pennsylvania 19342




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About Us

Welcome to Deer Creek Malthouse, the first commercial malthouse in Pennsylvania since prohibition. We provide local craft brewers and distillers with high quality, sustainably farmed, artisan malts that bring truly local character and innovation to our region’s craft beverage tradition.

Traditional malts – We offer a variety of handcrafted, floor germinated malts made from only the highest quality grain sourced within 50 miles of our malthouse. These malts come in several flavors and colors from a 2L Pilser Malt to a 10-12L PA Dutch Malt or Pale Ale Malt made from Barley, Wheat or Rye. Our traditional malts are versatile products with enough flavor and terroir for single malt recipes, and enough diastatic power for use as a base malt in brewer and distiller adjunct recipes.

Specialty – We also offer an array of higher color malts from Crystal Malt (30L-120L) to a more darker roasted Chocolate Malt (300L). In addition, we produce a variety of light and dark smoked malts that bring local flare to any beer or whiskey recipe looking for just the right smokey character.

Custom – Interested in trying something different? So are we! We love to experiment and are are always looking for collaborators to drive malting innovation in the craft beverage industry. We have pilot and production scale capabilities to experiment with different grains and malt styles to fit your business needs and help pursue your malting dreams.

Contract Malting – We offer contract malting and crop management services for farm breweries and production breweries or distilleries with access to their own grain or farmers.

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