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4 Things You Need to Know About the Craft Brewers Conference Hitting Philly Next Week

The Brewers Association is hosting this year’s Craft Brewers Conference at the Convention Center in Philadelphia from May 3–6, and there are countless tap takeovers, collaboration releases and local brewery parties planned throughout the city to surround the main event. With all the reasons to be downtown for this huge beer week, these are the four things you need to know about the upcoming week in Philly beer.

Craft Brewers Conference

1. Education

As the conference is first and foremost an industry event, hour-long seminars, which cover topics from brewery upkeep to selling abroad, will educate and stimulate thought in established breweries and start-ups. Among the many talks are titles such as 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Craft Brewing CFO and Going Hopless: Brewing Gruit Ales. A Craft Beer Wholesaler Symposium will kick off the week early on May 2, while BrewExpo America and the diverse seminars round out the week. Note: these are industry-only events.

2. Beer

As there will be thousands of craft beer professionals in the region for the conference, there are countless events for them to represent their breweries to the public on one of our nation’s largest playing fields. BRÜ will be hosting a stream of tap takeovers from local and national breweries, The Sour Beer Invitational at Devil’s Den will bring together many puckering beers and collaborative brews like Saint Benjamin’s Kumpelsbier Maibock will make their debut. On the local side of things, Manayunk Brewing Company will be hosting a party at its riverside spot on May 4, Tired Hands will be sharing beers with Other Half and Stone at Standard Tap on May 6, and CBC will be offering tours to a healthy amount of regional breweries.

Craft Brewers Conference

3. Notable Names

Along with introductions to new beers, there will be many chances for brewers and drinkers to meet notable industry names. Yvan De Baets of Brasserie de la Senne and Jeff and Dande Bagby of Bagby Beer Company will be greeting fans at Jose Pistola’s on May 4, and there will be multiple industry nights at Alla Spina that include names such as 2SP, Yards, Weyerbacher, Victory and Dogfish Head. There are also book signings planned with knowledgeable industry professionals such as Sam Calagione and Chris White.

4. Noteworthy Organizations

Beer organizations will be all over the Craft Brewers Conference in a number of different forms. The most noteworthy may be the Australian Hop Growers Association, which is “as passionate about beer as they are hops” and will be making an appearance with Victory at Strangelove’s. A noteworthy attendee at the conference and at multiple events will be the Pink Boots Society, a group that is focused on empowering women beer professionals through education.

Craft Brewers Conference

Find a full list of conference events here and a nice list of celebratory events compiled by Joe Sixpack here.

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Jay Breslin

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