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3 Sustainable Pennsylvania Breweries Powered by Eco‐Friendly Efforts

With the growth of demand for craft beer among consumers, breweries have been expanding production rapidly. In the process, many have been implementing sustainable techniques and power sources that have a positive effect on the environment, the consumer and the brewery’s bottom line.

These three breweries have notably been producing high quality and differentiated products, while actively working to reduce their carbon footprint.

1. Fegley’s Brew Works


Fegley’s Brew Works operates on 100% renewable energy, thanks to its own solar panel array on the roof of the brewery’s Allentown location and wind farms across the country. Fegley’s commitment to sustainability also includes the use of Natural State Rice Bran Oil in cooking, which is healthier and produces less waste. Fegley’s further reduces its waste production by composting with Rodale Farms, which accepts about 1,120 gallons of the brewery’s food scraps every week.

2. Yards Brewing Company


Yards Brewing Company is the state’s first 100% wind-powered brewery, and it also shows a regular dedication to saving the bees. Bee populations have been dwindling, despite the insect being a responsible member of the food chain for many of the foods we eat. Yards encourages the planting of bee-friendly gardens with its own brand of seeds and plants its own garden out front as the weather warms. Look for the buzzing creatures as you walk up to the Yards tasting room, where you’ll find the bar was repurposed out of bowling alley lanes. In addition, the Philadelphia brewery collects and reuses about 2 million gallons of water every year, and the brewery’s cardboard packaging is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

3. Earth Bread + Brewery

Earth Bread

Earth Bread + Brewery unmistakably takes an eco-friendly approach from the ground up, and its website declares the company’s “locally focused, sustainable philosophy.” From the list of ways the location goes green, it appears a lot of its quaint space was refashioned from old bars, warehouses and breweries. The entire attitude and aesthetic of the restaurant speaks to its small carbon footprint, down to the fragile menus recycled and fashioned from skinny, used books.

Working sustainably is a noble goal, and brewers, especially in Pennsylvania, have proven to be mindful of their environment as they produce heaps of craft beer. Not only is it great for the environment, but in the long run, sustainable and eco-friendly practices also free up resources by reducing energy costs.

In celebration of Earth Day, crack open a cold one, plant something green and recycle that bottle or can! If you’re interested in learning the nitty-gritty of brewery sustainability, check out these helpful manuals from the Brewer’s Association.

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Jay Breslin